Lil Flyers

The Beginning

Want to introduce your kiddo to the Colorado dream? - ski, fish and bike all in the same hour!? This class focuses on balance and strength training while exposing kids to skiing, fly-fishing and biking. We want kiddos to be comfortable, moving at a flexible pace to maximize their experience, build confidence and develop athletic skills that will improve overall strength and coordination in their everyday activities!

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Big Flyers

Fun Fundamentals

In this class kiddos will learn the basic knowledge and skills in a unique, relaxed approach! Our progression-based curriculum combined with hands-on activities, visual learning and interaction makes Shredder Outdoor a fun filled, no pressure place to learn and grow. Lil flyers will learn how to tie knots and tie their own flies! They will learn proper casting and line management techniques, fun facts about bugs and the best ways to keep yourself safe and your surroundings clean!!

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Lady Flyers


Women are growing and expanding the sport of fly-fishing at a rapid rate. Do you want to be a part of this flourishing sport? In this class you will learn the mechanisms and proper techniques to prosper on the water. Upon completion of this class you will have gained proficient knowledge and skills linked to casting, knot tying, entomology (the science of bugs), the role they play in your day and safety information to keep yourself and our beautiful outdoors safe!

Give us a call if you are interested in setting up a Lady Flyer class!

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