What is Shredder Outdoors’s flexible makeup policy?

If you intend to miss classes, please inform Shredder via phone call, email, or text. Missed classes can only be made up before the end of the session in which you’re currently enrolled.

We can only guarantee ONE (1) make-up for each student during a session

Please schedule make-ups with an instructor at an agreed upon time/class – do not just show up without contacting us!

Please do your best to keep make-ups to a minimum – we will do our best to make-up additional classes for special situations, but must prioritize those who have not reached their "guaranteed" make-up quota.  

Should I drop-off or should I stay with my fly-fisher during class?

We strongly encourage parents to drop-off their Shredders to help them become comfortable with independence while learning the skills and knowledge of fly-fishing. This also helps the kids to completely focus all of their attention on our instructors during class. However, if preferred, parents are welcome to stay during class time in our lobby or outdoor areas. Some children are much more comfortable when their parent is around, while others are sometimes reluctant to participate; however, each child has their own comfort level while in class.

If you have any questions or concerns about dropping off your child or staying for the duration of the lesson, feel free to contact us and we will happily work with you to find a good solution.

How much do Shredder Outdoors programs cost?

Please visit our Pricing Overview Page to see our typical structure for our various programs. With additional questions, please Contact Us.

What is Shredder Outdoor’s refund policy?

Shredder will follow the protocol below in the event that you choose to cancel your enrollment. Refunds will not be considered for missing individual classes during a session.  It is your responsibility to attend the classes you have signed up for, and you may follow our flexible Make-up Policy in the event that you need to miss a class.

12-Week Session

Weeks 1 - 3: Full Refund for the Value of the Remaining Classes

Weeks 4 - 12: Credit Value towards other Shredder Programs for the Remaining Classes

5 or 6-Week Session

Weeks 1 - 2: Full Refund for the Value of the Remaining Classes

Weeks 3 - 6: Credit Value towards other Shredder Programs for the Remaining Classes

What happens during a typical class?

Class organization and structure varies depending on class size and type. Every class will have a casting component and the other half of class will consist of fundamentals such as knot tying, river management and safety, entomology (the science of bugs), etc. Once the class begins, each group will rotate stations throughout the gym to work on various skills and techniques. Shredder Outdoors believes that a fun and engaging environment creates a positive experience that keeps the kiddos and parents wanting to come back for more!

Does learning indoors have any negative impact when transitioning to the outdoors?

Absolutely not! Clients have expressed that learning in a comfortable and fun environment makes retaining the skills and knowledge much easier. When the pressure of the outdoors and all that encompasses a long day on the water is taken away, the opportunity to really focus on your experience and your approach to fly-fishing is presented. In addition, having a year-round facility to practice and prepare in will help strengthen skills and technique for when you’re ready to hit the water.

What should I bring to class?

All gear is included when you enroll for a session (this include rods, reels, casting and tying materials, etc.) If you prefer to bring some or all of you or your kiddos gear, you may. We recommend wearing comfortable or athletic clothing, such as shorts/leggings/sweats and long or short sleeved t-shirts.